We believe that the modern-day sailor has numbed his senses. The incessant alerts linked to navigation automation are deafening, to the point of becoming counterproductive and stressful. Faced with this observation, Toud Gward wishes to give back to the sailor his place and his decision-making power thanks to innovative technology.
Designed to anchor humans in reality, our equipment communicates information that allows the boat’s trajectory to be optimized to avoid dangers and avoid collisions. Our desire is to reduce stress and help with anticipation.
We also want to reconnect the sailor to traditional navigation, by refining his senses and his perception of the environment. Our technology encourages the sailor to look away from the screens and back to the horizon. An “augmented perception” for more serenity and security.

Automating navigation to the extreme could validate the idea that humans are the number one danger factor on a boat. On the contrary, it is fundamental to give the sailor back his full decision-making power on board, through a danger awareness because he cannot fully rely on his instruments, as essential and efficient as they could.

Toud Gward company provides a decision making system for maritime navigation, contributing to better navigation safety by avoiding collisions. Our system is based on merging data from various embedded systems, categorising information and filtering out those that are not relevant for the decision.

The data is transmitted to a man-machine interface to help the skipper in decision-making, through permanent knowledge of the situation. The surrounding dangers are represented by sound spatialization and haptic alarm.

The alert is triggered when the moving target enters the danger zone.

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