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Toud Gward company provides a decision making system for maritime navigation, contributing to better navigation safety and avoiding collisions. Our system relies on merging data from various on-board systems, categorizing information and filtering out those not relevant for the decision.

The data is transmitted to a human-machine interface to help the skipper in the decision-making, through a permanent assessment of the situation. The representation of surrounding dangers is provided by sound spatialization and haptic feedback.

The human-machine interface is based on an Apple Watch application. Sound and haptic information is broadcast to Apple AirPods. The system operates in autonomous mode and assess the nautical situation around the vessel, to alert of the risk of collision. The development of the nautical situation uses analysis tools.

The alert represents the heading and criticallity of the moving target when it enters the danger zone.

This screen shows how the alerts get managed by the system.

In that situation, a collision risk on the left becomes a non dangerous object.

The AppleWatch app monitors the dangers

and sends the alert to the AirPods.